Saturday, November 14, 2009

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Reading this, you can change your life style! It turned my own life around… I came across this reading in one forum, and decided to try. Surfing the net I found an article, which said one could make thousands of dollars in a fortnight investing as little as $4… Well, I thought … that must be one more attraction for dimwits, but still I read it up to the end to know what sort of ‘Herbalife’ I was supposed to spend my money on.
Things you’ll need:
* Liberty reserve account, open it if you don’t have.It is free @www.libertyreserve.comJust follow the steps into creating an account with them.
Pay close attention to the following instructions.
Step1-People are to send $2 to each of the 2 liberty reserve accounts listed below; then remove the first account number from the list, thus clearing the second line. You put the number of your own liberty reserve account into this vacant 2nd line and send this text to 100 different forums.
No tricks… I hesitated a bit and understood I didn`t risk anything but just $4 …and decided to try it. Just guess what happened!!!!! In 7 days, money started to arrive … I was really shocked! And thought it would stop soon. But it didn`t!
Step2- I made $15 during the first week, by the end of the second week I had
more than $1500, in 20 days I had $7,900!!! and the sum keep growing very quickly. Step3-That is all at a cost of just $4!!! Who can not get just $4 to change his lifestyle.
My financial position was poor till I came across this article. I couldn`t
believe it works, unless I started to get money order from all over the world…I bought everything I needed, and it was quite fortunate, wasn`t it??! And now I`d like to tell YOU how it works and, which is more important, HOW! I promise you that if you follow all the instructions given below, you`ll start earning much more money you ever expected without much effort.Remember my story under 20days
Please, read this twice! Follow the instruction, and you`ll start getting money. That`s very simple!very LEGAL,it’s been tested and proven for over decade with just $4,incredible indeed…….

IMPORTANT: It`s not a fraud, it`s not illegal, you risk practically nothing, and it works!!!

ATTENTION: Follow the instructions EXACTLY and over $10,000 will be yours
under 30 days. The system works very well thanksgiving to the honesty of the participants. These are the 3 steps to success:

1. If you haven`t got the $4 in your liberty account, you have to create or open your own free liberty account at acquainted with this system, see how it works and choose the variant that suits you and fund your liberty reserve account with a minimum balance of $5 because ofservice charge from liberty reserve.I can hear you say how can I fund my account,simple!!!just google search liberty reserve exchanger in your country by typing “libertyreserve exchanger in Canada’’for example if you country if Canada.OK
2. Transfer $2 to each of the 2 liberty reserve account numbers below
2) U5915013

3. you have created a service and what you`ve done is absolutely legal. You ask for a legal service , and you pay for it.this is service-oriented business called information marketing teaching people how to create legal financial fortune for themselves.information is power indeed.

Step 4. Now erase the first account from this list, thus the list will go higher (number 2 will become number 1, etc. ). And put the number of your liberty reserve account into line 2. Isn’t this simple?
Like this:
1) U5915013
2) Your liberty reserve number Here

5 . Make all the necessary changes, but try to preserve the main idea. Put this article across to at least 250 forums and News Groups. Remember, the more forums you send this article to, the higher will be your income, and your income depends on you directly.This business goes on and thrives thanks to the honesty of the participants.
So, by the time you reach the first position in the list, you will have gotten thousands of dollars in your account!
Don’t forget,don’t forget,this costs just $4 and simple work!!!
IMPORTANT NOTICE-there is magical power in doing Do this now,don`t put your destiny off till tomorrow!!!hear the testimony of people like you that tried this out
“what an amazing plan! I followed your instructions just 2weeks ago, and although I haven’t made 5 grand yet, I’m already up to $3,250. I absolutely got Smacked.
Pam Wittemore, from Ohio "well, what can I say? THANK you so much! I SENT 40 E-MAILS OUT LIKE YOU SAID AND THEN I JUST FORGOT ABOUT the whole thing. To be honest, I didn’t really think anything would come of it. But when I checked my LIBERTY RESERVE account a week later, there was over $800 in my LIBERTY RESERVE account. After 30 days I now have over $9,000 to spend! I can’t thank you enough!"
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